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Recording Artist Vanessa Tavares Talk with YV Media

Vanessa Tavares has always been a talented force in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in over 10 leading roles for musicals to winning Canada’s Next Top Singing Sensation to touring with various bands across Canada. Her acting career saw her appear in 17 movies and 3 commercials with her co-producing her last film. Even with all this success Vanessa Tavares was motivated to dive back in doing one of her true loves and passions, creating music. Her music has already begun to leave a mark on the industry with her edgy, soulful, and empowering style of music. Vanessa is now on a path with 6 single releases slated leading up to her first album titled “Rebirth.” She's excited about continuing to grow and share the rest of this journey with the world.

You can find Vanessa Tavares:

Instagram: @vanessatavaresmuslc @iamvanessatavares


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