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Lynn Hobson: Author of the audiobook “Diary of A Hip Hop Publicist”

Your Voice: Let’s begin with your childhood first. Where were you born and raised? What were some of your childhood dreams?

Lynn Hobson: I was born and raised in Washington, DC. As a young adult, I didn’t really have any dreams or aspirations. I attended Howard University and selected a major that I deemed was safe. However, I did want to do something that made a difference.

YV: What led you to become a publicist?

Lynn: I read a book called, “The Personal Touch” by Terrie Williams. I love her story, researched the profession and applied for an internship with Terrie Williams. From there, I landed the internships and PR became a career.

YV: Tell us about your audiobook “Diary of A Hip Hop Publicist”? What was your inspiration behind the audiobook? Where are copies of the audiobook available to purchase?

Lynn: The audiobook is available on Apple, iTunes, audible, and wherever you can listen to an audiobook. I created the audiobook for those who are unable to see, but want to dive into literary pages. I published the paperback version of my book in 2017. Overall, the audiobook is about my life as a celebrity, hip-hop publicist. My clients are the backdrop of events that are occurring in my everyday life. This book is one of resilience, and it talks about my drive, ambition, and the willingness to never give up.

YV: What advice would you have for a person that wants to become a Publicist?

Lynn: To aspiring publicists, I'd say: Master the art of storytelling. In a world flooded with information, the ability to craft compelling narratives will set you apart. Be relentless, build strong relationships, and stay adaptable in the ever-evolving media landscape. Embrace challenges as opportunities, and remember, authenticity is your greatest asset.

YV: If you are able to name a few, who are some of the people that you have worked with in the entertainment industry? Is there anyone that you are interested in working with?

Lynn: I have worked with Mike Tyson, DipSet, Funk Flex, a slew of Authors, Reality Show Stars, and more. I would love to work with 50 Cent.

YV: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lynn: In five years, I envision myself standing at the pinnacle of success as an award-winning publicist, celebrated author with bestsellers lighting up the literary scene. My words won't just resonate on pages but will reverberate through motivational talks, uplifting millions with positivity. At the intersection of entrepreneurship, I see a flourishing cannabis business, coupled with a real estate portfolio that speaks of stability and foresight. Among my ventures, the Pop Up & Expos reign supreme, creating immersive experiences that leave an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to be a part of them.

YV: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to share with us?

Lynn: I am currently working on an Autobiography for celebrity nail tech, Jenny Bui.

From Cambodia to Cardi B, her drive is unmatched.

YV: What is your social media information?

Lynn: @iAmLynnHobson on Instagram AND @LynnHobson on everything else.


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