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Multi-Talented Artist Ben Luke

YV Media: What inspired you to become an artist? How long have you been in the industry? What are your artist goals?

Ben Luke: It’s been an interesting journey but what inspired me to initially become an artist was my love for the piano. I used to love learning my favorite songs on the piano and singing as well. That eventually led to me writing my own original songs that I still have original demos today. My dad taught me how to use his keyboard equipment and record it into his multitrack recorder so I also was learning to record myself as well. I’ve only been a serious artist for about 2 1/2 years now but music has always ran in my family. One day soon I hope to have my own tour and supporters to show all the awesome music I’ve been working on

YVM: Who are some of the artists that you admire in the industry?

Ben: A few of the artists that I admire who don’t get enough credit in my opinion are Eric Bellinger and Ty Dolla Sign. They are so diverse in what they do and amazing musicians and songwriters.

YVM: How would you describe your sound?

Ben: If I were to describe my sound to a first time listener it would def be high energy Afropop/Rnb. I believe that along with Vibing to music you should also want to dance as well.

YVM: What is your latest song “Dogs Out” about?

Ben: “Dogs Out” one of my latest releases is a flex style song. Where my swag and style speaks on its own bringing all that comes with it. Success, money, and of course beautiful vibes.

YVM: Are you currently working on an EP? Are you planning on touring?

Ben: Currently yes I am working on an EP/ Album. I think right now I’m at a point where I really want to showcase my range and have great production as well so that definitely takes time. But that’s the beauty of being an artist. And I also I do begin touring starting Sept 30th in Nashville.

YVM: What is your social media information?

Ben: If you’d like to follow my artist journey follow me on Instagram at.


And stream music on all platforms @Ben Luke

Photo Credit:

Photogragpher Taron Westley


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