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3 Time Latin Grammy Canada Award Winning Producer and Singer BenAnthony Lavoz

YV Media: BenAnthony, let's go back to your childhood first. You started recording music as a teen. At what age did you begin to sing, write and/or perform? What inspired you to want to become an artist?

BenAnthony LaVoz: I started at the age of 15 I started writing and recording our own songs with a good friend named Karlito. Then at 17, I started to perfect my art and began recording at professional studios such as TradeMarkENT with Sensei and Fito Blanko who were heavy hitters in the Latin sound at the time.

YVM: Fast Forward, you are now a composer, songwriter, producer and singer. How do you manage your time to work in each area of your career? Do you prefer one career choice over the other?

BenAnthony: I always felt that music was more of a calling for me and that led to the inspiration and dedication that helped me pushing myself as an artist no matter the sacrifice.

I can’t say that the money didn’t help, especially as a young teenager, But also having great people around me have led for a long lasting career.

YVM: Is it your goal to bring attention to the Canadian Latin Music industry? If yes, then how do you plan on doing it?

BenAnthony: Bringing attention to the Canadian Music Industry is a huge part of my mission, while I still reside here. One major accomplishment I plan to do is add a Latin category to The Canadian Juno Awards, while also becoming the number one Latin artist coming out of Canada, and it all starts with the Canada Music industry acknowledging that Latin music is dominating the radio headways, and giving me the support that is required to succeed here in Canada. I've also assured that my music production explores the plethora of Latin sounds and instruments as current Latin top song has spun toward a more urban sound.

YVM: Tell us about the album "Aunque Me Mate".

BenAnthony: 'Aunque Me Mate' is an album that I composed over the pandemic, it varies with different featured artist, and really captures a what I hope to be the Canadian Latin sound for all the world to hear, I’ve made sure to keep the stories real and authentic to myself, I’ve added the live recording element that has been crucial to the Latin sound in the past, and will continue to prove true. As an independent Artist I made sure I really upped the ante, so that future artist do not get lazy in their vision; in their production.

YVM: You are currently on tour. What is your experience like on the tour? BenAnthony: Wake up, work out, studio, interviews, radio, shows, clubs, after hours, no sleep, travel to new location, Wake up, Work out, studio, interviews, radio, shows, clubs, after hours, no sleep, travel to new location, repeat, repeat, repeat. It is very demanding, but it is important to keep people on your team that are willing to push you to excellence and bare the burden with you, for the masses. It’s important for all to know that as the CEO of BenAnthonyENT I have to revise everything that goes into making this possible and it is a huge responsibility, however it is a task I take great pride In because at the end of the day no one will can fully see your vision through better that yourself, know what you want and GET IT DONE.

YVM: Share with us the numerous awards that you won and how it made you feel. BenAnthony: You know, winning these awards do not define success, and I have been granted access to working with so many underground talents who have had zero to none main stream recognition. It is important as artists to fight to maintain award ceremonies as a means of celebration art and the process that comes along with, not let the business aspect of award ceremonies take the spotlight away from TRUE ART.

YVM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BenAnthony: In 5 years after conquering the hearts of the Canadian Music Industry with a Latin sound they can call their own, I hope to reside in a Latin country for most of the year, where I can reflect and embellish on the sacrifices and time lost with family, in order to bring my vision to fruition.

YVM: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? BenAnthony: I will be continuing my tour; some highlights of interest are: - Hollywood music awards where I have been nominated - miss Canada Latina beauty pageant – 5 shows in Tokyo, japan. – premios Iconos in Colombia – Latin Grammys in Spain –carnival de san Miguel and miss universe in El Salvador. I am also excited to announce I will be releasing 2 songs with Mr. Foxxx (The Degenerates) “Aiyah” and “L4<3U”

YVM: What is your social media information?

BenAnthony: All social media should be uniformed by just typing my name: BenAnthony LaVoz.


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