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The Age Of Impact: Meet The Founder Of iCrushGoals Universe

Photo by Christopher Calon

Today we’d like to introduce you to the founder of iCrushGoals Universe, Lisa George. And if

you haven’t already heard, iCrushGoals Universe is one of the best things to happen since the pandemic!

Research can tell us that it's imperative to be optimistic after tragic events. The COVID-19

pandemic is challenging us in various ways as it is hard to predict what will happen next, from

spending much time with family to working from home or to lay-offs and homeschooling. These unprecedented changes in how we live, coupled with uncertainty can feel immense; in most cases. But thanks to iCrushGoals Universe, they have provided that much-needed motivational pick me up and have provided some incredible insight on how to celebrate even the smallest of victories!

Lisa George is the woman behind the brand and founder of the motivational group iCrushGoals Universe with almost 100 members and counting. Six of the members (Lisa George, Eseverere “The 5-9 CEO”, Taneisha N. Ramsey, Sandra M. Chaney, Kelly Casey, and Gissele Donovan) have been touring nationally on the Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!! Virtual Female Empowerment Tour created and produced by Lisa, since December 15, 2020. To date, they have presented to twelve U.S. states and Washington, DC. They have also participated in a Guinness World Records attempt on February 12 and engaged in an abundant amount of motivational activities.

In addition to touring and being a Les Brown-trained certified motivational speaking, Lisa is currently learning 13 languages, a publicist, and best-selling author, entrepreneur, mom, poet, and philanthropist. She was privileged with the chance of sharing a stage twice with Les Brown in one year. Popularly known as Lisa Gee to clients and in her work circles, tenderness drives her and motivates others to make a difference personally and globally. As such, when the Pandemic 'hit,' she found herself pivoting like others but chose to stay the course, using her life as a motivational ministry. This ministry stretches to her two companies, ConnectingYOUto PR Firm and iCrushGoals Corp, and transparent living. Her transparent living includes yoga, Qigong, taking a nature walk, taking photographs, linguistic, taking care of oneself, spending time with loved ones, and parenting her nineteen-year-old son.

She considers herself a global servant and vessel of love and brings those traits to the table when working with her clients, at speaking engagements, and campaigns.

Lisa is rising to the top and has released her first book, "Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!!”

which has credentialed her as a best-selling author. In this powerful book, she gives you the tools necessary to start truly appreciating life and all that it has to offer!

You can purchase her book on Amazon:

Please be sure to keep up with iCrushGoals Universe by visiting their website

Photo by Tola Faminu

Photo by Christopher London


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