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Vegandale Festival @Randall's Island Park NYC

I had the pleasure of attending Vegandale NYC. Which took place at Randalls Island Park, Saturday September 16th.

But what exactly is ‘Vegandale’?

“Vegandale is an experience that encompasses visual art, music, food, and drinks. Vegandale attendees (Citizens) will realize the moral imperative of veganism and a world that can exist without exploiting animals. Veganism is the now, and the future.” (From their site)

Vegandale is an adventure from the moment you step foot on the venue. Lines and lines of vendors, equipped with smiles, waiting for you to try their delicious vegan meals and treats. Tons of free samples floating around for you to try. DJ pumping all the tunes, keeping the party flowing. Y’all, know we love a great photo op. They did not skimp on the photo installments!

Festivals bring out the creativity in us all. Taking time to put together a fire fit that will turn heads, make others smile and spark conversations. NYC doesn’t play when it comes to showing out. All this beauty did not go to waste, Vegandale did what they needed to do. Each photo stations had us working to make sure we captured all those angles. From the giant ‘VEGANDALE’ letters to the 360 booth, every Vegandale attendee definitely had an opportunity to get their new profile pic. Even a thirst trap or 2. The visual art at Vegandale was an experience in itself.

With every large event, there will always be lines. Some longer than others. Fortunately, their DJs had us moving and grooving. I was so busy dancing with my new ‘in line’ friends, that the wait didn’t exist.

You may be wondering, what does a non-vegan, such as myself, do at an ALL vegan festival. And yes, everything served was 100% vegan. I had the chance to taste various vegan cuisines. From Taiwanese chicken nuggets, freshly made mini donuts and Nigerian dishes. Let me tell y’all something, if you can cook and season your food well, it’s going to slap regardless! Everything I ate was a delight. Watching them fry my donuts, made to order and fresh. Asking them to add more spice on my friend oyster mushrooms. You truly do not miss anything

Can you believe I had all this vegan fun and the performances did even start yet! As the evening continued, the show began. Styles P, Coi LeRay and Rick Ross, performed. Styles P dropped some gems, advising us to eat clean, (“dump your toxins and take sh*ts” wasn’t sure if I should add this part. But he said it so many times lol) start slow, ease into vegan lifestyle. Coi Leray mentioning her connection with her fans, helping her with her mental health. It was an atmosphere of peace, positivity and pleasure.

Vegandale fostered a save space for us to have open discussion about the importance of clean eating while providing top tier entertainment. 10/10….highly recommend.


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