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Dr. Tracy Timberlake, An Award Winning Business Coach, Entrepreneur, And Influencer

All Photos by Alex Simon @alex_simon_photographer

Dr. Tracy Timberlake is a Multi-Award Winning Business Coach, million-dollar Course Creator, Speaker, and Online Influencer. Recipient of the prestigious Miami 40 Under 40, she has spoken on the TEDx stage, been featured on NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc. It's no wonder her clients appropriately titled her "The Entrepreneur Whisperer."

She helps her clients launch their 6-figure Selves by turning a lot of letters (degrees), experience, and education into a lot of money and impact.

Dr. Tracy's hope and vision for millions of Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Influencers all over the world is to get them to understand the massive impact that they can create by showing up fully in the digital space and to give them the tools that empower them to do so. She does this through her motivational speaking, teaching, digital courses, training programs, and regularly curated content on social media.

Dr. Tracy has also co-founded Flourish Media and the Flourish Media Conference whose claim to fame is an annual event where they introduce women-owned businesses to potential investors for seed funding of up to $15,000,000.

A native of Miami, Dr. Tracy Timberlake earned a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts from John Brown University, and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the illustrious University of Miami (Go ‘Canes!)

Social media info: @tracytimberlake

Dr. Tracy's Interview:

YV: What was the feeling like to give a TED TALK speech?

Tracy: The Tedx Event was really fun. It was right smack dab in the middle of a series of speaking engagements for me, but it was a different type of event than what I am normally used to. I loved being able to share an idea or a concept with a different audience and in a different capacity.

YV: Before you were “The Entrepreneur Whisperer”, who were you?

Tracy: I was – and have always been – pretty multi-passionate. I have had many positions. Worked in corporate, non-profit, higher education. Specifically, as I was building my business I was a full-time doctoral student and YouTube Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer.

YV: That brings me to my next question, how did you know this was supposed to be your purpose?

Tracy: My YouTube Channel was probably the main catalyst. As an online influencer, working with brands showed me that who I am was enough! I could do what I loved, talk about what I loved, show up as ME, and make money! So, as I started to explore that more and grow my own personal brand, I felt really 'called' to teach others how to do the same.

YV: What do you see next for yourself since you have accomplished so much already?

Tracy: Well, I definitely see more of what I am already doing. I would love to see my community continue to grow! More speaking in my future, more TV, more Podcasts Interviews, and definitely a book. I know there is at least one inside of me. I know I will be prompted when its the right time and topic.

YV: What is some advice that you would give someone that is just starting out in this industry and has similar goals to your accomplishments?

Tracy: Start before you are ready. You have to! Waiting is wasting time. If you know you are meant to do something, going from idea to execution will be a good discipline to learn at the beginning. Your future self will thank you 😊


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