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Actress Jessica Morris On The Upcoming Lifetime Original Movie "A MOTHER'S TERROR"

Actress Jessica Morris | CREDIT: Amanda Rau

Catch up with actress Jessica Morris and read all about the upcoming Lifetime original movie, A Mother's Terror, how she chooses her roles and more.


Tell us about the film, A Mother’s Terror. What can viewers expect?

The movie is about my character, Alyssa, who was abducted for many years as a child. Now all grown up, she is about to publish a book about her traumatic experience just when her abductor is getting released from prison. So when Alyssa’s daughter goes missing, she must struggle to find her daughter and deal with her childhood wounds.

Wow! We definitely look forward to watching. Share your process for choosing the characters you play?

When I read a script, I naturally feel connected to the characters I want to play. Sometimes I can relate to them, and other times I’m drawn to the role because it’s an aspect of myself that has never been expressed.

How vital is it for you to play diverse roles?

Playing different types of roles is very important for keeping my work fresh and exciting.

CREDIT: Amanda Rau

As an actor, how important is relationship building and perfecting your craft? As a writer, what stories do you hope to tell in your body of work? And is directing an area you see yourself pursuing?

I always strive to connect with my scene partners in a profound way to discover new layers to the character and her relationships. As a writer, I want to tell stories full of adventure, fantasy, and romance with a subtle element of spirituality. Directing could be a future interest.

Nice! Please share some details about your recent production, Web of Deceit. What’s the inspiration behind it? What was it like co-writing and starring in the film?

My writing partner and I started creating the script as a fun, creative outlet and added many of our personal experiences into the story.

What are some ways you hope to use your platform to motivate others?

I hope to be an example of someone who uses their determination to pursue her dreams without giving up relentlessly. By doing this, I hope to inspire others to do the same.


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