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Your Marketing is Suffocating Your Sales…

Written by: Tameka Bazile

Failing to sell your signature offer or product can dupe you into thinking that the issue is the product. Chances are if you’ve created a product based on well-defined market research, your product isn’t the problem.

Your marketing is.

If you're still posting to Instagram without a well-informed content and marketing strategy, you are wasting valuable time.

And time = money

Your social media presence is a key marketing tool for your business. It gives and takes in copious amounts. Where it gives is instant and direct connections to those in your target market. Those direct connections give you unyielding access to the exact demographic of people you are sure have a problem or need you can fulfill that's a priceless connection.

Where it takes, however, is in the time it takes to manage your own accounts. As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats in our business and it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed with advice from gurus and experts. But outsourcing this area is likely not in the soloprenuer or small business’ budget.

So how do you save time while increasing the ROI (return of investment) on your time investment?

1. Stop posting to your social media sporadically and get serious about your digital presence.

Instagram is a marketing tool. Social media is not what it used to be. It's important to feed the monster that is the algorithm what it wants…


If you find yourself struggling to make consistent engagement numbers on Instagram, it's likely because you aren't putting out enough content to keep the algorithm running hot. Preparing at least two pieces of content a day is the minimum to grow and maintain an active and engaging account. If you're in the middle of a launch, your presence should be consistent and expected. This is when you double the amount of content you'd regularly role out.

2. Get serious about your marketing strategy

Number 1 probably had you stressed about the amount of time it'll take to create all that content, right? Well, a marketing and content strategy would relieve that. A content strategy puts all relevant information you need to create content in one place. This info includes target market information, content themes, market research and more. It's the fast track to content creation that doesn't take you hours to finish.

Want to know what specifically goes into your marketing and content strategy? Check out my Instagram post on what a great strategy includes here.

3. Know your options and don't be afraid to pursue them.

Is organic marketing best for your business? Many entrepreneurs shame themselves into growing accounts organically for recognition. If you have the budget and knowledge for running intentional ads, do so. Your ROI on your offer would increase likely putting the potential for any social media management a budgetary possibility.

Market in the way that's best for your business but whichever direction you go in, use it strategically and to your advantage. A few weeks of targeted content strategy can put your sales in an entirely different place.

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