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Why You Shouldn't Get Into Rebound Relationships

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Just got your heart broken? Now all you've got is pain & tears with no one to go for. Breakups are very painful. Especially when you thought a person would be there for you always. Because after a breakup you feel like you don't have anyone that will care for you. You might feel like everybody else is doing much better than you. Even though it is not true, you believe it. Well, that's what broken hearts make us do. In such situations, many people tend to look for temporary people who can help them to get over the loss & give some emotional support. These relationships are called Rebound relationships. The reason why these relationships always end badly is because they start the wrong way. They arise from a void created in someone's life. In fact, this shouldn't even be called a relationship. A person who was heartbroken might feel better due to the much needed emotional support & validation. But for the other person, this relationship will become a tiring job where he/she is the only person who's giving. Later when both of them realize this, they will be in a very bad place. It will be much worse than the previous breakup and it will definitely hurt more to heal from it. Still, there exist many people who are using other people to get over someone. And it's a lot more confusing than it sounds. These types of relationships can never heal you from your past heartbreaks. Actually you'll get hurt more and take much longer to move on. Therefore, you'll be just stuck in the neverending cycle of jumping from one person to another and you'll take too long to heal from the deep rooted wounds from your past relationships.

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