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Why The Spark Gets Lost In Relationships

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Have you seen the most happening couple around you lose their spark after some time ? The couple who was so romantic, always together, making people around them jealous after some time loses it all. Why does it happen ? 1. Being Together All The Time - The major reason why such a couple loses their spark is because they spend so much time together. After getting into a relationship, they cut off other people in their lives to stay together. And it's obvious that people who have been spending so much time together will get tired very soon.

2. Revealing Everything - You might wonder what's wrong with spending more time with each other. The more time you spend, the more you reveal yourself. So, this kind of couple get to know almost everything about each other within a very short time. Soon there comes a phase where they don't find anything new or exciting about each other.

3. Cutting Off Other People - Cutting off closed ones in the name of relationship can make you lose so many people. Yes, relationship is important, but that doesn't mean now you've to make it all about only one person. Don't forget relationships are just a part of your life, don't make your life about one person or relationship. And further this will lead to complications in your relationship and there will be many problems. This is why most of the relationships and even friendships lose their initial spark after a certain period of time. Because they exhaust themselves and start to live with a self-centered attitude. The only way to avoid this is not letting yourself or your partner be consumed by your relationship. Yes, being with each other does feel great but it doesn't mean you have cut off yourself from the whole world.

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