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Why Do We Search For Love?

Have you taken a moment to ask yourself why are you searching for Love? Is it because you don’t want to be lonely? Is it because you believe in True Love and Soulmates?

If you are a person who watches romantic movies like me, then you feel like you are missing something. The movies make you feel like you will meet someone, fall in love instantly and they will swoop you off your feet (you will feel like you are on cloud nine). Those of us that believe in love, wish that we can find someone that will love and accept us for who we are (good, bad, and ugly). You want to have a partner that will look at you with those puppy eyes (love in their eyes), and at that moment let you know that you are their world and they can not imagine life without you.

Is it wrong to want a partner that will love you in a romantic, loving, and unconditional way? Can we get the type of love that we see in the movies? I believe that we can. There are some of us who don’t believe in love, some who are scare of love, and others who deny the very existence of it. But love isn’t the problem. True love is AMAZING!!! The issue is who we choose to give our hearts to. We meet someone, we fall in love, but we never take the moment to make sure that they are the right person for us. You're probably thinking right now that you can’t help who you fall in love with. Do you believe that to be true? Is love uncontrollable? Is it a feeling that takes over us and causes us to lose control over our feelings, especially common sense?

Falling in love is a choice just like anything else. We choose who we fall in love with. And it is great when you find it. Once you experience it, you don’t want to let it go. You want to feel it all the time, so when it is gone from your life you feel alone and empty. You feel like you lost a part of yourself.

The only person that can answer the question of why you are searching for love is you. I will say this, don’t give up. The great things in life are worth waiting for. If you believe in love, then you will find it.

Good Luck.


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