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When Your Best Friend Gets a Girlfriend

Written By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

What happens when your best friend gets a girlfriend? First, you are happy that he actually found someone and it's a great feeling to see him happy,

isn't it? But it's not that easy. Suddenly you'll have to hangout without your bestie. No more of having food at your favourite place or watching a new movie on Friday night or cracking jokes with your bestie in worst situations. You will miss your best friend so bad that you might start feeling jealous or even betrayed by his girlfriend. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to feel that. First of all, get out of your shoes and get into your friend's. Yes, it means you need think from your best friends point of view. This will help you to understand his situation. You must understand the fact that every new relationship requires more attention and hard work in the beginning. It is the most crucial part of any romantic relationship. So, even if you feel like you've been left alone or replaced by some girl your bestie met, know that he is doing what needs to be done. He is building a great foundation for his relationship. And it doesn't mean he has abandoned you or forgot you. All he needs at such time is your understanding and patience. If you try to complain or start acting as a victim, it will become worst for him to handle. Not only your friendship but also his relationship will get affected by your behaviour. So, if you're going through a similar situation you need to stop overthinking and attacking your bestie emotionally. The best you can do is try to change your perspective and look all the things happening from your best friend's point of view. Change your perspective and save your friendship now.

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