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What’s Your Type Pt 2.

Written by Rasheena @RahAKA

Image from YourBlackWorld

Vexy, that’s his name because he gets me real Vex! Vexy continues to explain why he is not annoying and we should date. Claiming once we hang out, I would see him differently because he was only playing via text.

I didn't "lol" him once.

While he is denying being annoying, his actions are in fact extremely…annoying. Vexy is a grown man deliberately bothering a grown woman that he wants to date.

How that work?

Nonetheless…he persists.

I agree to go on one date to prove to him I still won’t like him. Isn’t liking someone on the phone the prerequisite for relationships?

Now we’re planning the date. We do the “what do you do for fun” thing. I tell him. I like batting cages, laser tag, basically anything that keeps us moving. Or just drinks and food at a place with good vibes. Do yall know Vexy spend 2 whole weeks texting “so what you wanna do”.

He had 1 job! ONE!

Finally, I pick a lounge that is 7 minutes from my house and is always lit. Easy escape plan. We get there, its packed. He does nothing to actively get us a table, he asked me to ask 2 men to move over for us to sit at the bar, and the entire time he is complaining about his sister living her best life!


I ended it by telling him I was 100% not enjoying myself. Please take me home.

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Ugh! It sounds like he was expecting you to do all the work- that 2 weeks of asking was him basically admitting he is no fun and clueless how dating works! 🙄

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