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What’s Your Type?

Written by: Rasheena @rahaka

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I consider myself a “go with the flow” a “case by case” type of person. This applies to my dating life as well.

While enjoying a fete, I peep this tall handsome Black man so I walked over to compliment his locs. That’s all my intentions were, promise! He had the heavy Trini accent, spoke about his home in Trinidad and why his hair was important to him. We exchange info and end up talking via Whatsapp for the rest of my trip. This was during Trinidad Carnival btw so once it’s over…I’m back in NY with no chance of seeing him again. Whatever we spoke about was just that, words being exchanged…no chance of building a future together.

We're still chatting, it’s all good because again, he is in Trinidad. As we continue to chat, turns out he lives in Brooklyn and wants to actually go on dates!

We texted for at least 3 more weeks because I was too busy to link up. But from the WhatsApp’s conversations, I see he needs a lot of attention. I wouldn’t text back quick enough for him and he would type “Sheeeeeennnaaaaaaa where are you?”.

I don’t waste time so I told him he needs to relax, he’s annoying me and I do not think we should date. Really, I’m thinking: “I thought I was leaving you in Trinidad!”

This is when I learned, I do not like needy partners and I was not successful in stopping his pursuit.

So tell me how did you figure out your type? Was it difficult?

Want to hear about our first date? See you next week!

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