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Watermelon Rind Pudding with Coconut

Recipe by Ashney Fernades @ashneys_kitchen_stories

Nothing goes to waste, as you can use the rind of the watermelon 🍉 to make a tender coconut watermelon pudding

Something different soothing and refreshing.

I used fresh watermelon to garnish it with some mint, vanilla pearls, and wafer butterflies.

Isn’t it beautiful?

The recipe :

1-liter milk

10 grams gelatin or 15 grams of agar-agar (don’t overuse the agar-agar)

1 coconut juice

1 cup watermelon rind purée

Sugar as per your taste

Watermelon 🍉 for garnishing


*Heat the milk.

*Add the coconut juice of 1 coconut.

*Dilute the gelatin in 2 tablespoons of cold water or 15 grams of agar-agar.

*Add the gelatin to the milk mixture.

*Cut the tender coconut into thin slices and mix it with the mixture *if you want to use watermelon 🍉 cut into small cubes and mix it into the mixture once cooled.

*Put it in a glass bowl n let it sit for 3 hours.

*Garnish it with tender coconut or watermelon 🍉 before serving.


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