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Text “lationships”

By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels Gone are the days of waiting for a phone call from your significant other, now we can text them anytime anywhere and hold a conversation. But has the convenience of being able to hold a chat replaced good ole’ face to face or telephone communication? In my book, it isn’t real if we only text, but others beg to differ. For some excessive texting could mean a person is interested while for others it could mean they are clingy. Still, our generation continues to text everything. I began to think does texting take away less of a need for actual physical intimacy and or actual voice to voice conversation? According to “research has shown that relationships involving excessive sexting usually experience more conflict. The partners also were more likely to be ambivalent about the relationship's long-term potential and report lower levels of commitment and attachment.” I began to wonder, has texting over talking in relationships become the new norm?

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