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Stop Hating Your Ex

By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Yes, Stop hating your Ex no matter how cruel you think he/she is.

Your Ex, what comes first when you hear this word? Memories from a person who gave you so much of hurt, pain, and every negative feeling that exists in this world. Even name of this person burns you up in anger that you want to kill someone, right? We daily read social media posts, articles, poems, memes and much more about ex-partners and everyone seems to be hating their ex. Yes, the person whom they loved is treated as the worst person in their life and Ex partners might always remind of all the negative things to you. Like lies they told, promises they broke or respect that they lost. And it's okay and natural. The Problem is we forget while roasting this person called "Ex" that we are also "Ex" for them. Everyone hates their ex partner but there are rare people who accepts their own mistakes. With all honesty and not just as a formality. When a relationship fails, both of them think it's other's fault. So when they are no more in relationship all they think is it was ex's mistakes that caused the breakup. So many people are living their lives this same perception. This is why most people never realize that they have made mistakes, they have toxic habits & behavior and they changed too. You'll hardly see anyone talking about changing themselves. Instead you'll come across hundreds of people who will talk about who needs to change and how. When you hate your ex by focusing only on what mistakes they did, all you are doing is wasting your time. Your Ex is no longer part of your life and even if you had a chance to change them, you'll fail. Blaming anyone (Ex or Not) will never help you to get better in any way. The only way to heal is to accept the reality as it is and let go of what you can't change.


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