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So What’s Your Love Language?

Kasha Thompson @kayslay_allday


The concept behind the five love languages is that people receive and express love in five different way. Dr. Gary Chapman Author of The 5 Love Languages believed that relationships can thrive when you understand how you prefer to give and experience love. Let’s look at each love language and practical way to implement them.

Words of affirmation – This love language focuses on verbal acknowledgment. Communication is the main tool openly expressing how someone makes you feel, letting your partner know that you appreciate them. This love language is all about encouragement, appreciation, and active listening.

To put this love language into practice try sending an unexpected text or leaving your partner a sweet not of encouragement.

Quality Time – You could spend every waking moment with someone and still feel alone or undervalued. Just being together isn’t always enough. Quality time is about making the time you spend together count, being present in the moment and making your partner feel like they are a priority.

To accomplish this, crave out dedicated time for just you two. It could be simple, a walk together, dinner, or you can occasionally mix it up with a weekend getaway or a hotel staycation.

Acts of Service – This love language is all about action by doing things for your partner in the hopes of making life easy for them. It really is the little things that makes this love language shine. Clearing the dishes. Getting the kids bathed and ready for bed. Filling their tank with gas. Doing small gestures like these can go a long way to help keep your relationship strong.

Receiving Gifts – This love language often trips people up because they assume it’s more about materialistic items and not about the expression of love for your partner. Yes, this love language is about gift giving but the price tag doesn’t have to be hefty to pack a punch. With this love language it’s not about the gift and more about the thought behind it. The fact that your partner was thinking about you and decided to give you a spa day or pick up your favorite order from Chipotle. It’s the thought that counts.

To pull this one off express gratitude when giving and always remember you don’t have to break the bank to make an impact.

Physical Touch – Physical intimacy can go a long way. This doesn’t only mean sexual touching more often than not it if the forehead kiss or the shoulder rub that your partner is seeking. This love language is about the heighten emotional intimacy your partner feels when touch is involved.

Try 30 seconds of touching with unbroken eye contact. You’d be surprised how connected you and your partner feel after.

Spend some time figuring out the love language for both you and your partner. Make it fun have a conversation of take a quick quiz. Then try expressing your love for one another in the form of the love language each of you prefer. This is a great way to get to know yourself and your partner better.

So, what’s your love language?


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