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POWER MOVES: Miosotis Calcano

Written by Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

Have you heard of the rose that grew from concrete? The seed must grow regardless Of the fact that it is planted in stone, Ms. Mio is very much like that rose that late great, Tupac Shakur spoke of. Originally from Puerto Rico raised in The Bronx, NY Mio is the Owner of Rose Negra’s collection, a self-made eco-friendly candle collection. Having just launched her business earlier this month, she is already successful and well on her way to having her own section in bed, bath and beyond.

When asked what was the spark that inspired her to launch a candle business, here is what she had to say. “My collection came from what truly makes me who I am as a whole person. Yin and Yang go hand and hand. One is not whole without the other rose, a flower we are all familiar with. I love to envision myself as a Rose that grew from the concrete. It also plays off my Puerto Rican background. No matter where life takes me, I take pride in being a Puerto Rican Woman. “Negra” Black, Brown, Woman, Loiza Puerto is the heart of Afro Latinos. I want to shine a light on equality but also talent. That we as Black women and Men, we must stand up and give the world the beauty and talent we can distribute. Since my early childhood I have always wanted Black women and men to be seen for what they truly are… Amazing humans.

Rose Negra’s Collection was launched on February 1st, 2021 a day before her birthday which played a significant role in the launch date. The candle curator had a simple yet fulfilling birthday wish which were sharing what she loves with others around her. Mio plans on expanding her business worldwide in hopes to inspire young kids, teens and adults within her community. Her end goal is to have a business where all the products keep our planet safe, while also distributing products that brings a luxurious tranquil touch to any space. Making ANYONE feel comfortable and brings a family & friendly touch with every conversation had.

Check out her candle collection here , Instagram @rosenegrascollection.


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