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POWER MOVES: Edylyn Lagapa

Written by Kashanda Henry @kashandacharisma

Edylyn Lagapa is a licensed Financial Professional and a mother of one. Her mission is to educate young families and small business owners in the areas of family protection, educational funding, and diversified retirement planning. For the past 3 years, Edylyn has always thrived and enjoyed working with her clients as a problem solver. Her passion for helping people led her to pursue a career in finance when she aligned with a fortune 100 company in 2018. A native to the Bay Area, Edylyn also enjoys giving back to her community, as she and her daughter, Raizel, volunteer their time and resources to support families in need through nonprofit organizations. She has volunteered for The Boys & Girls Club to work on landscaping and during children events. Edylyn is the Treasurer for Project PEARLS ( and has hosted fundraisers and Toy Drives to feed and bring joy to the children who experience extreme poverty in the Philippines. She also volunteers for The City Eats ( in preparing and delivering hot meals to the unhoused individuals in San Francisco, CA. She is also affiliated with organizations where she shares her efforts and knowledge as the Ambassador for South San Francisco Chamber, Media Chair for San Bruno Chamber, and Co-President of BNI Lands End. She is committed to being an advocate to her community.

Edylyn Lagapa:

@edylynlagapa (IG)

Edylyn's Interview:

1. YV: How did you know this was your purpose?

Edylyn: As a single mother of one, I learned how to be patient, be more compassionate and always do right by others. I found comfort and peace in helping people as well. Whether it was being there for a loved one or being able to feed someone that was hungry living on the streets. Knowing I was able to make a positive impact by giving back, sparked something inside of me. Then it wasn’t until I started participating in breast cancer walks, AIDs walks and Toy Drives that drove me to do my own research and realized there are millions of people in the world that are experiencing poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, etc. Making a difference within the community and other communities is a priority for me because I feel that if you are blessed, you bless others. And, I get to do that through organizations like The City Eats, Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, senior centers, and Project PEARLS which is located in the Philippines.

Being in Finance was destiny and pure alignment. I come from a background and community where financial literacy is not taught in most households. I witnessed people pass away and families left to create a GoFundMe to pay for medical and funeral expenses. Furthermore, we are living a lot longer and that means a longer time in retirement. And, as a result, some do not have enough money to see their retirement through. So, educating people on ways to manage life’s risks, saving first and spending last, retirement and college funding, etc. is my way of giving back to the community. Knowing that I am helping people become more financially savvy fulfills me.

2. YV: What is something you enjoy doing when you are not the superwoman that you are?

Edylyn: Life can get really busy between being a full-time single mother, running my own practice and serving the community; therefore, I enjoy making time for self-care. That is reading to silence thoughts and get immersed in a book. Working out, to clear my mind and release endorphins to get that euphoric feeling. Finally, spending quality time with my loved ones, especially with my 16-year old daughter, Raizel. All of these are so therapeutic and necessary in order to have some form of balance in my life. It’s also a great way to reset in order to feel more energized to complete upcoming tasks.

3. YV: Do you have any dream organization that you wish to work with?