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POWER MOVES: LaDajah Jackson

Written by Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

Photos by @darrienpope

LaDajah Jackson is captivating audiences as a life coach, social worker, brand influencer, and overall, voice for WOMEN. She shares value in turning mundane moments into memorable ones you will never forget. Her faith and inspirational perspective help individuals to shift their mindset and tap into their God-given purpose. With a passion for mental health and women empowerment, she nurtures safe and intimate spaces for individuals to recharge, grow, and most importantly heal.

LaDajah has spent 2 years as a Lead Healing Coach with @RiseCoachingAgency, helping millennials break free from self-limiting beliefs, overcome past traumas, and identifying emotional roadblocks in order to heal and restore their faith and establishing a stronger sense of self-worth.

She's just getting started but is looking forward to scaling her influence and connecting with others. Whether it's healing in beauty, mindset, spirituality, or through products, LaDajah has no plans on slowing down and is looking forward to partnering with like-minded brands while making an impact in the world.

LaDajah's Interview:

YV: What initially inspired you to start your career as a life coach?

LaDajah: Honestly, social media is what inspired me to start my journey as a life coach. I remember running across a woman's page by the name of Life Coach Brittany, and I was suddenly impressed with her content. After looking at her content I noticed that she was having an “International Business Trip” for life coaches in Tokyo, Japan. Huge right? After doing some research on life coaching, I became even more interested and decided to apply. I figured what could I lose, I knew I was not a life coach, yet… but I was determined to go for it and see what I could learn from being in a room full of coaches. So, what happened next, I got accepted, I flew to Tokyo (all alone and my first time out of the country), and I connected with 10 other coaches that were dominating in the field. I was so inspired. When I returned back to Michigan I began to research other coaches in the area. I ran across a coach by the name of Lanasia Angelia. I reached out and by the grace of God we connected, she was led by the spirit to coach and train me to become a Certified Life Coach, for free......thank you, Lord. Fast forward to today, I currently work as a lead coach for her agency, Rise Coaching, with three other phenomenal coaches. For more information about our services visit and complete our Coaching Quiz today.

YV: What is the goal when helping someone through their healing?

LJ: I get asked this question a lot. My ultimate goal for any individual I work with is for them to understand that they already have what it takes to be healed. As a coach I never offer advice, I simply ask questions to guide my clients to find their own answers within. When it comes to healing, many people believe that it is a huge transformation that happens, but it is really the small pattern changes, mindset shifts, and the ability to set healthy boundaries and create new habits. The goal is always for my clients to leave with a new mindset… Remember: your life is only as good as your mindset, and once your mindset changes… everything changes.

YV: What are some common stigmas you see or hear when it comes to mental wellness within the minority community?

LJ: Statics show that minorities are less likely than whites to go to therapy or receive any mental health treatment. A lot of times in the minority communities you will hear people say “I don’t have a problem” or “Therapy won’t work for me”, a lot of minorities have been taught to overcome things alone. This is why minorities have some of the highest mental health concerns as it pertains to anxiety and depression. So the stigma is simply the hesitancy of minorities being able to fully trust and find credible support. This has been carried down for generations, but I do believe that the new generations to come are more prone to seeking mental health treatment.

YV: Where do you see yourself and your businesses in the next couple of years?

LJ: My 5-year plan consists of me no longer working my 9-5 job as a mental health social worker. I found a new passion as a certified coach, and I plan to dive 100 percent into full-time entrepreneurship. I intend to continue to work as a lead coach for the Rise Coaching Agency and then eventually branch off and open my own practice, where I will have a team of therapists and life coaches serving the mental health community and empowering individuals to heal one client at a time.

YV: I think it is important for women to genuinely uplift each other and I see you are passionate about women empowerment as well. Have you done women empowerment workshops prior or currently?

LJ: One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou “Once healing takes place go out and heal someone else”. Once I found healing for myself it was only right that I continued to be a vessel and share my experience with others. With that, I love doing different speaking engagements and connecting with audiences. Some of my most recent work was at the beginning of the year when I spoke at the “Boss Babe Women’s Retreat in Charlotte, NC. Listen being in a room full of bosses is where I thrive and that experience was life-changing. I also did a master class for Bible Boss Babe where I talked about Boundaries and how they help you heal. But more than anything I am often asked to go live on IG or host webinars with other brands to share my experience and expertise on healing. Connecting with other women and sharing my journey is ultimately my favorite thing to do.

YV: What advice would you give to someone who may be considering a career as a life coach or in the mental health field.

LJ: I always like to leave individuals with three pieces of advice when considering working as a coach. Often times when people find interest in coaching, they typically love helping people. It’s something that happens naturally and that’s why I truly believe that coaching is a calling…

Here are my top three pieces of advice:

1. Pray about it. Talk to God about what it is that you want to do as a coach, write it out, and pray. (You know, write the vision make it plain)

2. Do your research. (Look up coaches you aspire to be like, study them, connect with them, and most importantly find a certification program). Coaching is a new for many and honestly, anyone can be a coach but having the proper training makes you more credible to your clients.

3. Identify what problem you are going to solve. (Coaching is all about helping others solve problems. Get clear on what problem you're solving and your audience. The clearer the better).



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