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Delicious Sweets Made by Kay Kitchen. Come Get Your Sugar Rush with NYC Baker.

Patrice Rivers @thatriverzgurlbrandllc

Kay is a baker from the Bronx, NY that pushes culture forward through dessert art and community organization.

"I want to make people fall in love with how beautiful dessert can be! I am self - taught and proud to share my creative process with every baker at home who is learning on their own as well. Community work is my passion, so you will always see me facilitating events that directly help the people in my community. I am so happy to be in the food space. I want people to always remember how my dessert made them feel and the extra mile I will go to see them smile."

Patrice: How are you using your voice to make a difference in your community?

Kay Elle: I am using my voice to strengthen the entrepreneurs in my community. I want to teach those that look like me the importance of building wealth within your family.

Patrice: As an entrepreneur who is trying to make it and create opportunities, what goals do you have for 2021?

Kay Elle: For 2021, I would like to grow and evolve. I want to make a household name and it starts with planting the roots. That's where I am now with my brand.

Patrice: Tell us more about your business Made by Kay Kitchen

Kay Elle: MADE BY KAY Kitchen is like mama's kitchen. It's the place that brings everyone together. Over the years, I've become the "go-to" person for young professionals. I like that now. I want to be the brand that everyone goes to, just like mama's kitchen.

Patrice: When did you know you wanted to become a baker?

Kay Elle: I knew I wanted to become a baker after I realized I cared too much about cupcakes being pretty. It was a literal obsession in my early twenties!

Patrice: I know the readers want to know more about your event Lit Black Foodie that will happening April 25th. Can you tell us more about it?

Kay Elle: Yes! LIT BLACK FOODIE is a LIT food experience, merging Black food culture and Black music culture. My goal is to raise brand awareness for the small businesses involved! I want to continue to highlight Black chefs and Black bakers!

Patrice: What advice could you give people who has a story or a business but are voiceless? How would you encourage them to have a voice?

Kay Elle: I would encourage voiceless people to heal. You cannot run a business with your soul tank on empty. Do some shadow work and find the root to your voice. Once you begin to heal, read. Do research! Lots of it! Being educated on your industry will give you an immediate boost of confidence! This is because you now know what to expect and what it takes to make it in your industry. Start small and evolve. In business, no one has the big voice in the beginning. Everyone grows into their voice. You will too!

Patrice: How are you making power moves?

Kay Elle: My power moves come from my faith in God. I trust him. Then, I trust myself. I also don't get caught up on my losses. They're inevitable and a part of the game. I've learned to shake it off and keep moving forward.