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How Communication Can Save Relationships

Written by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

So many Relationships and even friendships will be saved from breaking if there's a proper communication between the people involved. We humans are great at assuming. We assume what a person next to us might think or feel about us, which isn't even close to the reality. And this is where the relationship starts getting weak as none of them know what the other person feels or wants from them. When there comes some tough moments in any kind of relationships, like arguments or disagreement over something, even strongest bonds can become fragile. It's the time when at least one person out of two need to be patient and do the right thing of understanding the situation from a common ground, not biased. But most of the times, both of them fails to show some patience to fight through the hard times. They assume things about each other, say things which they never wanted to and get their precious relationships broken forever. It happens with all of us. The best thing which needs to be here is to be patient and have a proper communication. This communication shouldn't be about how right you are or wrong another person is, because it will only ruin the relationship. A real communication is when both of the people listens to other and try to understand what he/she has to say. As a result, it becomes easy to find solution for the toughest looking situations in any kind of relationships. Honest and direct conversations are the way to express truly and build stronger understanding among people. No matter how tough situation you think your relationship is going through, communication will always help you to find a way out of it. You'll know how to deal with the problems you are facing only when you actually talk about it. Period.

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