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Does Love Always Fail?

Written By: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

Image From Pixabay

Everyone you know has failed in love at least for once in their life. So, it's very common to see love/relationships failing.

If you observe, people nowadays are fairly convinced that love never works in real life. The happily ever after only exists in fictional stories and movies. You'll come across so many people blaming their ex-partners for their failed relationships. But it's rare to see someone who will accept their own mistakes. And this is how people have started to believe that it just never works. It has became a strong belief, especially in younger generation.

Yes, movies and books do set some unrealistic expectations about love, but that doesn't mean there are no successful long term relationships. There are many of them. They are all around you but you always tend to look at the failed ones, because you can easily relate to them.

Love hardly fails, it's the people in it who give up early. Out of fears, insecurities and distractions. People make it complicated than it is by setting unrealistic expectations. Relationships where both of the people put their best efforts and fight through all those difficulties and doubts blooms better than any flower.

Even the happiest couple on this planet goes through bad times or may be worse than any other couples around. But what makes them stick together is Commitment, patience and honesty. It is so hard to observe these qualities in people. Everyone is looking for a quick fix to every problem.

To avoid failures in love, you must know yourself first then you've to start improving yourself and be the person with whom you want to be. Also you need to stop blaming your ex partners for failed relationships and identify your own mistakes. Because no matter how much you blame someone or complain, you can't change them or undo their actions.

So change yourself.

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