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D’usse Palooza Host Chris Stylezz Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Written by: Amber Hawkin s @ambbamm_

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On Monday photographer Cheyenne Skyy shared an unpleasant experience with Chris Samuels on twitter. The photographer claimed Samuels attempted to force her to have sex with him and to perform oral sex. After she refused she claims he left her on a random corner in Brooklyn at 3 am. Shortly after she shared her story , 16 women spoke out sharing similar experiences with Samuels. Some women who spoke out included details , text messages and screenshots.

The following day after these allegations were made, D‘usse Palooza made the decision to cut ties with Samuels. They released a statement Via Twitter “We have decided to sever ties with the staff member who was initially put under internal investigation.” Effective immediately, that staff member is no longer a part of the Palooza team and will not host any of our events going forward.”

The statement concluded with “It has always been our goal to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe. We adamantly reject any instance where women are made to feel otherwise.”

Samuels went live on his personal Instagram on Tuesday to defend himself. He acknowledged the fact that he has disrespected women but maintains his innocence when it comes to the rape or sexual misconduct allegations.

He also advised any one who has credible evidence to go forward with reporting him to authorities.


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