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Communication: Are Men Supposed To Know What their Women Want?

There is a saying “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” which is supposed to help explain the differences between Men and Women. We all know that men and women think differently when it comes to relationships, sex, money, and careers. So, If we are so different, then I have to ask you: Are we supposed to know what our women want?

I recently had a conversation with a female friend who described herself as a person who believes that most men should know what their women want or expect from them, such as paying the bills and other basic needs. In this aspect, I agree. There are basic things that men should know what their women will expect. However, when it comes to bringing up the topic of knowing their feelings and desires without it being communicated with us, then that becomes much harder to accomplished.

Throughout the different relationships that I had, I found myself being told similar things by my girlfriends such as “You know why I’m mad”, “You know what you did wrong, I shouldn’t have to tell you”, “You know what I like, figure it out” and “If you love me then you should already know.” The truth is I wasn’t always sure what they were talking about. And this led to them becoming frustrated or angry with me. All of that could have been avoided if only they had communicated with me.

Some of you are probably blaming me right now. Saying to yourself that I should have been a better listener. Maybe that is true. But it is also true that they should have told me what they wanted. Communication and honesty is the key to a healthy relationship. You should not expect your partner to know everything that you are thinking and feeling. The only sure way for them to know is for you to tell them.

Now ask yourself, are you a great communicator? Do you tell your significant other how you feel? Are you honest with them? And above all, are you honest with yourself? Take a moment and think about your answers. It is easier to point the blame at someone else than to take responsibility for how things are.

With that being said, “Are Men Supposed to Know What Women Want”?


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