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Broken Friendship

Written by Rasheena @rahaka

Yup, Ron dead, cheated on me. The shock was greater than the sadness. Shocked that he had enough swipes on his green metro card to do all that traveling!

My real pain came from my friendship falling apart.

I asked Tee if she knew about him dating her sister, she claimed to not know. Your sister and your best friend? How did they even meet if it wasn’t for you?

Back to school on Monday, it was clear that things were different between us. I kept side eyeing her. By the end of the day, I told her I hated her, she’s a fake friend and get the f**k from around me! She tried crying to fix it. But word got out that we were no longer friends and it became a hot topic. I couldn’t get back with her now.

I made a lunchroom announcement to let everyone know she was grimey! I was such a great friend, I was the glue for so many other friend groups, bridging all friends together! Why would you violate me? It was a whole travesty. She became a loner because my real friends were riders, if I hate you, they hate you, Period!

As the week continued, she started spreading rumors about me. Now…we gotta fight ‘cause you doing too much. On that Friday afternoon, I knocked on the door to her social studies class, told the teacher we had to take pictures for an event, walked her to the back staircase towards the office…and said….”So what's up!?!” This was a fight fueled by betrayal and sadness. Breaking up with a friend is so disheartening because you truly believe this person will always be by your side. As for Ron, I don’t even remember anything about him after the breakup to be honest.


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