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Big Stalker

Do not ask questions but this was a 6 - 7 year situation. I simply outgrew the situationship. Its time to either be together or move on. We decided to move on. I thought it was all good.

5 weeks pass.

I’m at a business meeting at a restaurant in the city. We’re discussing all the amazing things we’re planning for the year. A member of the board, whose also my close friend tapped me and whispers…Biiiihhhh….is that!

I look over and this fool is pacing back and forth! I’m watching him walk closer and closer to the entrance. I run to the bathroom hoping he just leaves. Nope! He still there.

I tell them, I gotta go! My friend and I head to the E train. We walk on legit looking both ways like a runaway child! Hop on, doors about to close and guess who tf gets on! Stands right in front of us staring, says nothing!!

I start asking “why you here” “how you know where I was going to be!” He doesn’t answer and ask “can we talk”. The friend that I‘m with….Hands were ready to fly! I calm her down.

I chat with him real quick and leave.

She was 10 feet away, saw him get a little buck, so she pulled up and ended the conversation.

He left. I thanked my friend.

Head to my car….

Guess who pops up!

Did I hit him with my car? Did he run away? Find out next time…


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