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Are They a Keeper?

Kasha Thompson @kayslay_allday

Photo: Photographer: Kevar Whilby

So, you’ve been on several dates and potential bae is checking all your boxes. Funny, ambitious and fine. They like your cat and send you sweet good morning beautiful texts. But are they the one? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help figure it out.

Do they listen? Are they actually interested in what you have to say? When you recount your day do they just nod their head while looking for a movie to stream or is he asking follow up questions engaging in the conversation. They should remember that you're deathly afraid of heights or your aversion to guacamole because you think it taste like baby food. If they listen it shows that what you think and feel are important to them.

Do you have fun together? Do you enjoy being around them when it's just the two of you?

Are you able to be goofy and clown around? Life isn’t all parties and baecations to Cabo. Most days it’s work, home, Netflix. If you're YouTube videos of soap cutting (yes that is a thing) are more entertaining than your partner then Houston we may have a problem. But if you two can have fun doing the mundane day to day task you might want to lock them down.

Do you have similar goals? If you want to buy a place and settle down and she wants to backpack through Europe for the next year you may not be compatible. You want someone who’s life will align with yours, today and five years from now. If you’re not pursuing similar dreams then conflict may arise down the line.

Do you accept each other, as is? Are they down for you? The real you, not the person you pretended to be the first few months. If they accept you, all your flaws, and all your glory that’s a good sign. If you can accept the fact that he never closes a cabinet or that she’s not the best communicator but is working on it, then feel free to change your relationship status.

In a relationship, you want to find someone who makes you feel seen and who appreciates all you have to offer in all your complicities. You should be able to be your full and complete self with them. If you find a partner who matches your emotional, spiritual, and physical energy they just might be a keeper.

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