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What Is THE BEST DIET Of All Time, EVER?

Nerissa Shea


Is it intermittent fasting? Low carb? Low fat? Keto? Weight watchers? Slimming world? Or the 6-week get shredded FAST meal plan Sally is selling you to get you to drop two dress sizes in 6 weeks?

For the sake of society today (the obesity epidemic, in particular) I really wish that the answer was simple. The science is pretty simple but the practicality of it isn’t.

The number 1 reason ANY DIET WORKS EVER is because you are in a calorie deficit.



Don't know what a calorie deficit is? Chat with me!

More than often, someone is trying to tell you that ‘this diet’ (insert diet plan they are trying to sell here) works because of X, Y, Z.

You know all the bullsh** lines here they use for marketing – ‘With this diet, you don’t even need to exercise’, ‘with this diet, you can eat WHATEVER you want and still lose weight’, blah, blah, blah….

I want you to become acutely aware that IF the diet does in fact work, it works because that person is in a CALORIE DEFICIT.

Energy balance 101.

Calories in (Food & Drink) vs Calories out (Basal Metabolic Rate, Thermic Effect of Food, Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis & Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – See my recent post on Instagram for a full explanation of this.

There are other factors that are important to consider with regards to this, conditions such as PCOS, however, to keep things simple, for the sake of this post, diets work BECAUSE they put you in a calorie deficit.

To quote Emilia Thomson, PHD – ‘You don’t have to count calories but calories still count.’

In order of importance with regards to Fat loss:

1. Energy Balance</