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Wendy Williams Says She Ignores Blac Chyna's Texts Asking for Help

Written By Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Getty Images/Lars Niki/New York Women in Film & Television

Blac Chyna has allegedly been asking a lot of people for help as Wendy Williams is one of the first to come forward with the accusations of Chyna "in desperate need of a place to stay".

Showing screenshots of her and Chyna's text conversations, Williams says that she is desperate for a place to stay but didn't want to get involved with whatever drama Chyna has going on.

Ignoring Chyna's texts, Williams made sure to not reply but to bring it up on her show saying to her viewers “I told you Blac Chyna texted me regularly, ‘Can you help me find a condo, I have no place to live.’” Adding "I didn’t answer it. I don’t want to be involved.”

Wendy’s guest host Devyn Simone also mentioned that Chyna had stopped receiving child support payments from Tyga and that her payments from Rob Kardashian for their daughter Dream were being lowered.

Whether the accusations are true or not, Chyna responded after the information spilled on air with a video showing off the outside of her home and her cars in her driveway.

In the clip, the rapper played a snippet of her song "Ca$h Only" featuring rap artist Trippie Redd.

From the words, or lack thereof, of Williams and Chyna's, who do you think is telling the truth?

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Mahogany Summers
Mahogany Summers
Nov 19, 2020

When it comes to Wendy you never know with her because she likes to spice things up for her show, but Blac Chyna is known for digging gold so hmmm

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