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Brandt Young @dads.table

Ingredient Checklist

  • 3 Eggs

  • Half a pot of boiling water

  • 1 bowl of ice water

  • Trader Joes Green Dragon Sauce

  • Chives

  • 1 spoon

  • Bring the water to a rolling boil

  • Drop the eggs in and immediately start an 8 minute timer

  • Upon completion of the timer move the eggs directly to the ice water bath for a few seconds to stop the cooking

  • Take the back of the spoon and lightly tap the shell to get a crack to assist with the peeling

  • Once you complete the peeling, take a bit of egg off the top and bottom so that when you cut them in halt they will stand up

  • Dash a few drops of the green dragon sauce and add some chives. Enjoy.


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