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Ways to be Happy and Productive

Written by: Priyanka Gaud @_resonance_of_mind

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“Happiness inspires productivity”- Shawn Achor

Usually, when we are happy this helps us to be refreshed and productive the whole day. It’s the thing which brings value to our work. When we are not happy we feel low, degraded and

stressful. We are unable to focus on our work and anxiety keeps increasing, resulting in not being productive & active, in fact not of any worth. There are lots of things which contribute unhappiness or simply saying increases sadness in our lives. Some of them are social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram their notifications which constantly pops up. Emails, texts & chats with friends or co-workers are fractions of the distractions we go through. These small things could stack up fast and consistently end your happiness & productivity.

Here are some ways to overcome all those problems:

Ways happiness could blossom you:

Have good reasons in your mind about life, as life is too short to live. No matter what, you should focus on things & people you love who nurture you. You should put efforts in

enriching your different abilities. Perform what you are passionate about. Things that make you happy, like if you feel happy & delighted while reading books you should spend your

free time doing that. If you love sketching, painting, dancing then you should go for it; do it. Avoid the company of toxic people in your spirit or life. Find someone who will inspire you, who you can share your time with, countless words & memories, and always feel supported by them. Start writing a diary about your day, how it went, include activities you did the whole day & many more. Life is beautiful to live, make it count.

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How to be active & productive in best ways:

By the end of the day or at the time of rising, you should plan your day in advance to avoid delays & distractions. Start journalizing your work or tasks for the day, specifically maintain a to-do-list. Make vision boards. This will save you time and let you live other life moments. Also, they provide an aid in maintaining fluency in performing your tasks. Keep celebrating

your small achievements like after completing half of the tasks reward yourself with something healthy, your favorite desert or a movie to watch. This will increase your dopamine levels which supports you in performing at your best. There is no leverage in holding your task for tomorrow. This will destroy your consistency and focus. Remember we don’t know how much time we have to spend in life, as life is too short. Become a doer instead of a procrastinator and the early rising of the morning will help you, because it will increase your brain power and you’ll have a refreshing mood all day. Use time blocks. Avoid interruptions and shut down the digital disturbances, use only when required.

I hope this gives you some assistance & ideas. Keep growing!


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