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Unisex Clothing Brand Rich Baby Born Rich (RBBR)

Sauce Rose understands that dreams require wide-open spaces and she cultivates these messages through her luxe, unisex clothing brand, Rich Baby Born Rich (RBBR).

As her passion is to make a difference in people's lives Sauce started her business in 2017, where her goal is to inspire children and the parents of those children to educate and encourage them to believe that they were already born rich. Although some of her proudest moments in life were becoming a registered nurse and starting Rich Baby Born Rich, the proudest moment thus far is the love and admiration of her son. Through her brand, she is able to provide teachings and exposure to her son and other children.

Sauce Rose has a purpose in life to push boundaries, and open new possibilities for her family, customers, and communities. Her rich mindset helps others to build meaningful relationships and to pour into people with no expectation of anything in return. Her clothing brand RBBR seeks to build those relationships based on shared values and mutual respect.

Rich Baby Born Rich (RBBR) is a very unique and distinct clothing brand in its own right. There aren’t too many clothing brands within the fashion industry that put an emphasis on education all the while inspiring the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style.

Sauce Rose will continue to innovate, lead, and provide educational, and community support to her customers through her vintage clothing brand, RBBR. As she embarks on the fashion industry, Sauce reminds people that you can acquire all the finer things this life has to offer if you want it bad enough. Instagram:


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