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Tyler Perry's The Oval Exclusive Interview on the Season 2 Premiere

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” is a soap-opera styled series on BET which follows the life of U.S. President Hunter Franklin, his wife, First Lady Victoria Franklin, their family and the White House staff in a scandalous White House drama.

YV Media Correspondent Miss Wright got to speak with some of the stars of the show, Ed Quinn who plays President Franklin, and Kron Moore, who plays the First Lady, about the series and its upcoming season.

For those who haven’t seen the show, Ed Quinn describes it as a front row seat to the backstage drama within the White House.

“It’s an incredible, salacious, over-the-top, amazing look at the White House but the inner workings of which...what happens behind closed doors.”

The drama is always on ten from every direction, especially from that of the First Lady. Fans of season 1 are accustomed to Victoria’s antics but Kron Moore lets us know that we shouldn’t get comfortable.

“You’ll also see a slightly softer side to Victoria. You’ll see a bit more vulnerability.”

This is surprising given the dramatics she gave us in season 1, but that’s what makes the show unique; it’s insane twists. When asked what separates Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” from your typical soap opera, Ed Quinn said two words: “Tyler Perry.”

“His brand, his style, his vision for what the audience wants and why they’re going to tune in, you know, he’s built his brand over’s a juggernaut.”

Tyler Perry definitely struck success again with this series being exactly what viewers need during this time in society; a moment to forget about your own problems and be entertained by the drama of his characters’.

Prepare to continue to be entertained, shocked, enthused and more as the second season is swiftly approaching! Catch the season 2 premiere of Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” at a special time of 10:30PM EST/PT on Tuesday, February 16th and every following Tuesday at it’s regularly scheduled time, 9PM EST/PT on BET.

Watch the preview of the Oval below.


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