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Tryese Gibson Defends R. Kelley on Instagram Live

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from A Real Gentleman

Tyrese Gibson and Fat Joe joined each other in a truthful Instagram Live this past Friday.

As the pair discussed trauma within the black community, keeping money in the family, and chasing relevancy, Tyrese made it clear that along with being proactive in his music career, his mother has had a huge influence on who he chooses listens to.

Going on to naming some of the most influential singers we have had over the years, Tyrese added that R. Kelley's music should still be listened to and praised.

Tyrese continue by adding that Kelly was able to "figure out a way to change and

evolve and stay relevant over all of those years.” Kelley has also had a huge impact on R&B and his music should still be listened to despite the "controversy and heat" that has been on him.

As Kelly is currently awaiting two separate federal trials for abusing underaged girls, many people have spoken out against Tyrese and sided that pedophilia shouldn't be so easily overlooked.

Knowing that he would receive backlash for his comments, Tyrese closed his argument by saying that we shouldn't judge for the actions that take place in a persons personal life and that he will "always be a fan."

At the end of the Live, Tyrese and Joe briefly surfaced the sensitivity of black culture and the power of social media. They closed by discussing how to stay in the game and deal with the negative comments that come from the public. Adding "This interview ain't for kids and childish folk with short attention spans... We went all the way tonight..."


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