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Tia Mowry Inks Cable TV Deal For Popular YouTube/Social Media series ‘Quick Fix’

Written by Blair Moon @_blairm

Photo Credit: @TiaMowry on Instagram

After launching her successful YouTube series ‘Quick Fix’ in 2017, four years later actress Tia Mowry is taking the beloved series to new heights.

According to Deadline, the series, which has garnered over 280 million views between platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook since its inception, has struck a deal for cable television.

The series has found a new home on Urban One’s, Cleo TV, which is also a sister network to TV One.

Beginning in October, ‘Fix’ which already has over 150 episodes and over three million subscribers amongst its platforms, will begin airing its 80-episode order on Cleo TV, the outlet reports.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to watch an episode of ‘Fix’ yet and want to be caught up to speed before its television debut, the series follows Mowry sharing with viewers her ‘Quick’ DIY tips and tricks that help make life a little easier whether it’s beauty tips or ideas for a meal “Tia has got you covered!”

The outlet reports that the seven-figures deal is a multi-year licensing deal with Kin, so get used to seeing Tia on your screens for a long while.

Aside from being a popular actress, Mowry is an all-around entertainer having written several books including an upcoming sequel cookbook ‘The Quick Fix Kitchen’ which has been given a September 28 release date.

Though Tia is branching out as she continues to market herself in other ventures, she is still an actress at heart starring in shows currently such as ‘Family Reunion’ on Netflix and recently teasing an upcoming role on Instagram, that many in the comments are guessing is her reprising her role as Melanie Barnett in the upcoming revival of hit series ‘The Game’.


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