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Wellness: The Great Power of Self-Awareness

Being self-conscious is not a bad thing. To be self-aware is to know yourself; your paradigm, behavior, and life purpose. To avoid being self-absorbent, society has strayed away from valuing the inner-being, only to arrive at the very destination it tried to escape – selfishness.

Selfish is to be chiefly concerned with personal interests at the expense or disregard for others. Now, to be self-aware is to understand who you are and where you are going. It is to know that you are both a teacher and a student. It is knowing why you do what you do and your reasoning for being and behaving. Self-awareness is truly a key to healthier relationships, achieving vision, and satisfaction within oneself. You can only love and consider another at the level of which you love and consider yourself. To be absent minded of self, is to live in the five-sensory world without direction. The person detached from their inner-being is subject to the opinions of others, and oftentimes, falls prey to external systems that aren’t usually set in place for the good of those they claim to serve.

Plainly put: self-awareness is befriending you. It’s getting to know your likes and dislikes; and discovering your strengths and frailties. It’s the process of unearthing your hopes and dreams. It’s healing. It’s learning. It’s growing. It’s literally becoming your own friend and loving who you find. Self-care isn’t about adorning yourself with luxury fabrics, taking trips to Dubai, or having your hair and nails done. No; these things may be byproducts of self-care but true self-care is genuinely knowing and experiencing what it’s like to be in relationship with you. It’s being awake to the reality that you genuinely exist. You are a living being.

And that’s priceless.

You can’t buy that online, in a store, or from a catalog. That value comes from excavating the deeper parts of your inner-being where the real you resides.


Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner-wealth. Be sure to visit for coaching sessions, books and more. New LifeCourse on The Right Way to be Self-Aware Arriving Soon. Join the Club here.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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