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The Magic Your Life Deserves.

Written by: Khushi Arora @lonevixen_ka

“To be alive is the strange and wondrous miracle we forget.” @atticuspoetry

If I were to be quarantined, or were there to be a militant attack or a natural disaster, The Dark Between Stars would be the first thing I’d pack. You know that one book, that’s worth more than a thousand books on your shelf, the one you never remove from your nightstand, the one you like to hug during your highs and your lows? Atticus’ poetry collections are those books.

Followed by The Truth About Magic, The Dark between Stars is his second collection of poems after Love Her Wild. To the naked eye, the anonymous Canadian poet’s words may seem to connote the clichés about love and life at first. But even his shortest poems and epigraphs never lack the spirit of togetherness, and what it means to be human. With every word you read and every page you turn, Atticus has a way of making your spirit immortal. Except this time when you open your eyes to a new sunrise, you don’t just merely exist. You live and you try to seek adventure in both, the beautiful and painful things, in life.

Besides being an Instagram poet, Atticus also has a daily poetry podcast titled ‘Naked on Cashmere.’ His poems serve as a constant reminder of how important it is to pause every once in a while and believe in the magic of the universe. I agree, poetry cannot pay your bills or bring a loved one back to life, but it can surely make you see all the stardust still existing in your inside out. Be it your morning coffee, a ride on the subway, roses with thorns or unrequited love, Atticus helps it all hurt a little less and heal a little more.


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