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The Longest Living People in the World Have These Four Things in Common

Written by Michele Marron @wellnesswith_mi

The average age of death in the world is about 90 years old.  In the United States, it's 79.

Did you know that there are certain areas of the world where people tend to live significantly longer than the rest of the population?  These areas are called Blue Zones, where they have the highest number of living and thriving centenarians (a person who is 100 or more years old) in the world.

There are currently five known Blue Zones:

  1. Sardina, Italy

  2. Okinawa, Japan

  3. Loma Linda, California

  4. Nicoya, Costa Rica

  5. Ikaria, Greece

These areas and their people have been studied for years and it turns out, they all have the following four things in common:

  • Natural movement each day.  They aren’t pumping iron in the gym, they are walking, gardening, baking, riding their bike to work, chopping wood, picking fruit, etc.

  • Spirituality and other ways to shed stress.  The people of the blue zones all share in some type of prayer, meditation or mindful practice.  They have purpose, hold a positive outlook on life and take time to downshift and nap.

  • Diets centered around plants.  These longest living populations all have a mainly plant-based diet, saving meat for special occasions.

  • Connection.  There is a large emphasis on having a sense of community and belonging. This starts at birth and doesn't ever end. There is a respect and a need for the elderly, and time and love for everyone.

Add days, weeks and years onto your life by incorporating these four things in your routine.

Remember, only 20% of how long a person lives is dictated by genes, the other 80% is dictated by lifestyle and environment.

Be well and head to my Instagram @wellnesswith_mi for more holistic health tips.


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