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'Harlem' Star Jasmine Guy: "I Hate Shows Where Everyone Thinks The Same"

Harlem is our new guilty pleasure on Prime Video and the representation is very clear from the first episode to the finale. With an amazing ensemble colorful cast including Meagan Good, Jasmine Guy, Grace Byers, Tyler Lepley, and Whoopi Goldberg, we are in for a roller coaster with the four leading ladies who do not hold back one bit.

The show follows four stylish and ambitious best girlfriends in Harlem NYC, the mecca of Black culture in America. Camille (Meagan Good) is a popular young anthropology professor at Columbia with extensive knowledge of the dating norms of many cultures but has a hard time navigating her own love life.

Your Voice Media correspondent Ty Cole covered the red carpet and chatted with some of the cast about what to expect from the series.

"The series really explores these four women in a thorough way which I love because I hate shows where everyone thinks the same way and does the same thing because we're the same way, said Guy. "In America, we have so many different backgrounds we're pulling together and I love that diversity in the show."

Byers, known for her role on the Fox hit series Empire, told us how she is "amazed" by the show due to the inclusion of her Caribbean roots in her character Quinn. "I don't think we see a lot of Caribbean-American representation. Tracy Oliver shared she wanted to lean on me to add my Caribbean roots to my character in Quinn," she said.

You can watch the full clip below and if you haven't done so, watch all ten episodes of 'Harlem' on Prime Video today.


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