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The Art of Joy

Joy is truly a fruit that grows within. It is not found in external possessions or other people. When we see joy as a gift that we bring to the table of life, we'll be able to actually enjoy life itself.

Having joy can be seen as a great mystery. The interesting thing about it, is that many seek it externally when resides within. And this may sound cliché, but it's one of life's greatest truths. Joy comes from within. Think about the world we live in. It's occupied by animals, plant life, and human beings. You can also included material possessions like clothes, cars, homes, and the like. But consider how joy is expressed. Is it a thing that is poured into us or an intangible energy that flows out of and expressed in a laugh, smile, tears, or deep sighs?

Anytime we consider joy we cannot neglect the human being expressing it. Far too often, we walk in and through life seeking joy outside of ourselves. We look for it in other people, what we buy, the degrees we obtain, and even forms of entertainment. The hidden secret about joy is that we bring it to the party, the corporate office, into our relationships and any atmo-sphere we find ourselves in. Imagine a world where each individual recognized they were carriers of joy? What if we all woke up one day and realized we have the fruit of joy waiting to burst out of us at our command? What a joy that would be?...pun totally intended!

So, how does one discover the joy within? For starters we have to understand joy is wrapped up in our original DNA. It's been scientifically shown that human beings are wired to love and to be loved; we are created with all sorts of happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that stabilize our mood, regulate pleasure, and stimulate our trust in bonding. Let that soak in: you are a walking talking warehouse of joy. Understanding this truth alone gets you that much closer to experiencing joy like never before.

Once we are fully persuaded of this truth we are then a bit more willing to give ourselves permission to express it. Yes, we have to give ourselves permission. It may seem strange but too often we hold back on expressing joy due to the thought that it's fleeting. So, instead of allowing it to flow from within, we hold on to it in fear of being crushed if it will somehow be taken away. Remember, joy is a fruit of the inner being. While it can't be taken away, it can be stuffed deep within and hardened by disappointment.

Dare to walk in joy...simply because it lives within you waiting to be expressed.

Photo Credit: Maycon Marmo


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