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Taraji P. Henson Reveals Witnessing Her Mother Being Robbed at Gun Point

Written By Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Cliff Watts for Variety

Carrying the trauma with her, Taraji P. Henson revealed in a short clip that she not only witnessed her mother get robbed at gunpoint once but two separate times.

The first time being at just 6 years old; Henson shares more of her story in her new Facebook Watch show, Peace of Mind with Taraji.

In a small preview into the new series, Henson said that she can still remember the incidents like it happened yesterday. After seeing her mom face such a horrific and violent moment, the events fueled her with a fight that wouldn't have happened hadn't these tragic events taken place.

“Watching her go through that, and because she didn’t crumble, what she didn’t realize is that she was putting fight in me,” Henson stated.

More in the series, Henson tells more stories and sheds light on the different, challenging experiences those within the black community may face. Featuring diverse topics on mental health, interviews with different celebrities and everyday people, the series will show how to "provide support, bring awareness, and help eliminate the stigmas of mental health issues.”

Premiering in little under a week, the two-episode debut will feature powerful and revealing discussions of the events that have mostly affected people's lives in hopes of providing tools and techniques to help manage specific mental health issues.

The episode premiere will air on December 14 at 9amPT/12 pm ET on Facebook Watch.


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