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Tank Reveals How He Keeps His Composure When Working With Female Costars

Written by Ty Cole @tycoletv

Temptation will either make or break your relationship, can you resist? Based off of the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology by Victoria Christopher Murray, Lifetime is bringing you the first of the Seven Deadly Sins film series with Lust, which follows Tiffanie Cooper (played by Keri Hilson), who is set to marry her soulmate, the handsome and wealthy Damon King (played by Tobias Truvillion) and have the wedding that she always desired. Trouble ensues when Damon's best man who is recently released from prison, Trey Taylor (played by Durrell 'Tank' Babbs) sets his sights on his best friend's fiancé, which will turn Tiffanie's dreamworld upside down.

Our correspondent, Ty Cole, was able to chat with the two of the cast members about the film and how they resist lust when working with desirable people. Tobias (Sistas, Empire) spoke with Ty and shared how having a trustworthy wife is important when performing on set and playing some of these steamy characters that we see on television:

"Anybody that wants to continue to have a happy life needs to work on commitment, loyalty, and have God in your corner. Transparency is key. Being able to talk about things when they are uncomfortable is the main thing".

Tank chimed in on the conversation, stating that there's a questionnaire that needs to be answered at all times when he's on the set that he has with his partner, and mentions that you can't fake energy:

"You can't fake energy. A lot of what you see in those spaces is attraction and magnetism. What has to happen is, once that camera goes off and once you leave that set, you can't carry that magnetism over to the Hilton. Don't take your work to the Holiday Inn".

One thing is for sure, the energy in this film is undeniable. Make sure you tune into Lust, which premieres on Saturday, April 10 at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.


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