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"Stuck With U" Gets No.1 & 6ix9ine Says it's "CHEATING"

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photos from Instagram @6ix9ine Tagged @billboard | @arianagrande Tagged @billboard

Since the release of this week's Billboard Hot 100, there's been controversy surrounding the No. 1 spot.

On Monday, Billboard announced that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's single "Stuck With U" hit No. 1, followed by "Say So (remix)" and Tekashi 6ix9ine's "GOOBA." When 6ix9ine got wind, he went to IG to disclose how Billboard "GOT CAUGHT CHEATING."

In nearly a 4-minute video, the "GOOBA" rapper talks about how an investigation conducted by he and his team proves that the No. 1 spot can be bought. He says that 6 credit cards were used to purchase nearly half of the units for "Stuck With U" but Billboard won't disclose where the cards were linked to.

He goes on to compare his song’s streams to that of Ariana’s and concludes that “Billboard is a lie.” Ariana indirectly responded to 6ix9ine in an Instagram post which started off as a thank-you to her supporters.

“I ask u to take a moment to humble yourself,” she said in her caption subbing 6ix9ine. In so many words, she said the support of her and Justin’s fans, along with their hard work shouldn’t be discredited.

The Brooklyn rapper responded in another IG video expressing that his frustration is with Billboard, not with her, and Billboard shortly responded as well.

On Monday, they released an article displaying exactly how the charts are calculated and they addressed every one of 6ix9ine’s accusations. According to Billboard, the charts are made up of streams, radio play, and sales and while “GOOBA” did have more streams than “Stuck With U,” it lacked in the other two categories.


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