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Songwriter, Producer, Engineer and Performer ONLY1 THEORY

YV Media: You accomplished a lot in your career but before we get into that, share with us a little bit about your childhood. Do you have siblings? Are there other family members that have musical talent?

Only1 Theory: I don't focus or talk about my family out of respect for their privacy. I am the only person in my family who does what I do. I don't have any family members in the industry except for a distant cousin that was a major boxing and concert promoter. He stopped dealing with the family before I was born, lol, so I don't have any ancestral industry plugs.

YVM: Share with us your educational background. What was the inspiration behind you getting your degrees?

Only1: I grew up in an environment where you had to be great at sports or great at music or the streets. My mother couldn't send me to college. I was blessed to get a full ride scholarship to school and since I loved writing and speaking, naturally I pursued Journalism and Mass Comm. However, Journalism is not what we think it is (in the modern context) and I was told that my voice was too sexy to ever be on the news, lol. I had a job creating and producing commercials and content so they paid for me to go to Film School and get my MBA. I was always the youngest out of all my friends and they all had masters degrees so I said why not. I got my MBA in Entrepreneurship. The same time I was doing that, I was in school for Audio Engineering. I only worked jobs to make enough money to do my music and as a teenager I would be in the neighborhood studio making music, why not be behind the boards. I also do not like waiting for me people to finish a task I know that I can complete myself. In learning music, I wanted to have mastery in every aspect of its creation, business and impact the world. I dedicate myself to being a student and learning every aspect my craft.

YVM: How did you get into the music industry? Where does the name Only1 Theory come

from? Who are some of the artists that you have worked with?

Only1: Theory is a part of my name and ONLY1 THEORY stands for ONLY1 Consciousness. All is One. I focus on creating music from my heart and fulfilling my purpose on this Earth, in this time in space. This lead to me manifesting certain situations that put me where I needed to be when I needed to be there. I've worked with a lot of artist just by being a studio engineer. I'm not big on name dropping but the credits are out there. The industry is the pathway to getting music heard by the masses but I was creating music as a small child. Growing up I had instruments and even played in the school band from elementary to high school.

YVM: What is your process for writing songs for other artists?

Only1: I connect to my higher self and say what comes to my heart to say. Its the same process I use for myself. When I produce for artists I think about their sound, their style and where their music will be played.

YVM: Tell us about your latest projects. What is your EP “The Art Of WaveNB Vol 1” about?

Only1: The Art Of WaveNB Vol 1 is out now on all platforms. Everyone to take a listen ayyeeee! Its an ode to the genre of music I created "WaveNB"

YVM: Tell us about “Wish” currently streaming on Tubi.

Only1: I scored the entire movie and unfortunately they misspelled my name in the credits and added someone else to the music credits that I didn't collaborate with, work with or know. I don't know how that happened, lol, but everything was corrected on the back end. The movie is good. Its a classic lesbian movie that I was happy to see. It's not for the children though, lol, 18 years old and up.

YVM: You are a songwriter, producer, engineer and performer. Is there one role that you prefer over the other? What area are you most passionate about?

Only1: I'm passionate about each one and them all. They all require different talents and concentration. I'm grateful to be able to be an artist in different forms.

YVM: Is there anything that you want your fans to know about you that we haven’t mentioned?

Only1: I love you in light, Tribe. All is One! Sending you all High Vibrations ayyeeeeeee!

YVM: What is your social media information?


Photo Credit:

Rare Gold Music Group


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