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Socially Distanced for the Holidays

Kasha Thompson @kayslay_allday

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us are dealing with the reality that we will have to spend the holidays apart from the people we love the most. So how do you stay connected when you can’t pass a plate, feel a hug, or open gifts together? Here are some tips.

Be the Hostess with the Mostess over a Zoom Friendsgiving. You and your friends may be relegated to your own living spaces or separated by states but technology can help to bridge the gap. Host a Zoom Friendsgiving. Everyone makes their own meal, it could be a five course Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings or a pepperoni Hot Pocket. Its not about the meal it about the company. Gather around the computer screen and break bread together while sharing laughs.


Try recording your voice. Do you have a niece or nephew you won’t be able to see this year? Are your kids missing their grandparents? Create a voice recording. This could be a book, a teddy bear, or a card. You could have little Aaliyah record a sweet message for Pop Pop bringing with it a little holiday cheer.

Open gifts remotely – Just because your apart it doesn’t mean that you can't share this family tradition. By the glow of your computer monitors watch your mother open her air fryer, or your brother get the new pair of Nike’s he kept dropping hints about. We are fortunate to live in a time where technology allows us interact in fun, creative, and fulfilling ways.

Watch a movie together – Pick a holiday favorite and watch it together. You and your sister can share your color commentary as you watch Macaulay Culkin thwart the bad guys. Grandma can share her love of The Polar Express with her grandkids for the first time.

Remember what you're thankfully for. This year has presented us with new and unexpected challenges. Spend some time telling the people you love the most what they mean to you. We often take social interactions for granted but having to go without physically being near our loved one should give us all a new perspective of what we are truly thankful for.


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