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Singer & Songwriter Kyree Dailey

Photo by Monesha Haynes @backinfx

Kyree Dailey is a singer songwriter raised in the metro Atlanta area, heavily influenced by his West Coast roots. Taking inspiration from artists like Marvin Gaye, John Legend, India Arie, Lauryn Hill and more, Kyree combines a nostalgic soulful tone with the modern feel of today’s R&B and Pop. With that he creates a unique, convicting sound that has the potential to be timeless. Leading up to the announcement of his debut single, “Sunset Beach”, Kyree gained the attention of listeners in his area by posting short cover videos of popular R&B songs on social media. In his debut single, “Sunset Beach” Kyree uses a funk inspired beat, smooth vocals, and a catchy hook to create a dreamy, melodious sound. In the song Kyree cleverly equates his love interest or subject of the song, with a dream vacation, escape or “happy place”. A creative way to express the simple concept that as long as they're together he’ll be okay, no matter the location. The vocal performance is vibrant yet stylish. This is definitely a feel-good song that almost compels you to move. “Sunset Beach” has a universal sound giving it major commercial potential. The melody is strong but tuneful and the singer has an attractive vocal tone. The lyrical familiarity is very original and meaningful. The arrangement of the lyrics is intentional making it easy to grasp the message of the song. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. With a relatable concept, dreamy sound and lyrics loaded with imagery Kyree designs a space for listeners to journey within their imagination through an audio experience. All in all, this is a great song and well worth the listen. Kyree Dailey is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Listen to "Sunset Beach" by Kyreed Dailey on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, & Soundcloud, YouTube Music!

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: Kyreedmusic

Twitter: KyreeDailey

TikTok: KyreeDaileyMusic


Written by Steven Wease

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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