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Shondalia White Gives Us The 411 on Her Character Karen Jones on 'BMF' on Starz

Written by Blair Moon @_blairmoon

CREDIT: @ShondaliaWhite On Instagram

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Shondalia White, who plays Karen Jones on ‘BMF’ and she told me all about her character who will be recurring for the remainder of the season, how it was on set, and upcoming projects that she's working on.


50 Cent's new series ‘BMF’ which stands for Black Mafia Family is heating up on Starz. The series, which is executive produced by 50 Cent, airs each Sunday and tells the true story of a drug and money laundering organization in Detroit back in the ’80s.

In last week's episode, the character Karen Jones was introduced. Karen is the niece of Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg) and is a lawyer helping Terry (Da’vinci) sue the hospital he had surgery at for malpractice.


Hello Shondalia, how are you?

I’m well, thank you.

Let’s dive right into it, your character, Karen Jones was recently introduced on ‘BMF’. What can you tell us about your character?

I am the niece of Pastor Swift, who is played by Snoop Dogg. I went to the University of Michigan Law School and I’m all about getting justice. I am trying to help the Flenorys' get the justice they deserve, as well as bring a little hope to the family.

Terry’s father Charles (Russell Hornsby) has trouble putting trust into Karen due to his dislike for Pastor Swift, does Karen have Terry’s best interest at heart or should we keep an eye on her?

He does not trust my uncle at all, and my uncle referred me to them, so he’s kind of apprehensive. But Karen is a hardcore Christian. She is someone with a heart of gold, so she has his best interest at heart. She’s a young lawyer in Detroit and she definitely cares about her clients.

She’s the real deal. Very professional. After your character appeared on the show for the first time, you posted to your Instagram that we’ll be seeing more of Karen, what more can we expect from you in the role, what else is Karen bringing to the table?

Without giving any spoilers, you will see Karen for the rest of the season. Karen is going to do whatever it takes to give Terry the justice he deserves.

I know that you’re a comedian as well and I’ve seen clips of you in comedic roles on different television shows like ‘Blackish’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Family Reunion’ and on ‘Good Trouble’ and ‘BMF’ you play more serious characters, do you find it more challenging to switch from comedy to drama?